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5 lb Honey Tub

5 lb Honey Tub

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5lb tub of raw honey. It's the perfect addition to any food storage selection, offering a reliable source of sweet, delicious nutrition. The raw nature of the honey offers health benefits, like antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, that you won't find in processed honey. 

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Care Instructions

Raw honey will never expire! When kept in a cool, dry place, you can use your honey for years to come. All raw honey will crystalize, but that doesn't mean it's gone bad! You can heat up your honey using a food dehydrator or warm water to liquify. Temperatures should not exceed 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

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  • Sweeten Your Day

    Indulge in the richness of raw honey. Ideal for baking, pastries, and makes a delicious sweet topping to your favorite yogurt, toast, fruit, and more!